Working with others


The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) administers two statutory committees — the Information Advisory Committee and the Privacy Advisory Committee.

The OAIC also hosts two local networks to increase opportunities for information professionals to meet, share expertise and collaborate — the Information Contact Officer Network (for public sector information professionals) and Privacy Connections Network (for private sector privacy professionals).

We also build and maintain productive relationships with counterpart organisations in other jurisdictions through a number of national and international forums and arrangements.

Statutory committees

Information Advisory Committee (IAC)

The Australian Information Commissioner Act 2010 provides for the appointment of the IAC. The role of the IAC is to assist and advise the Australian Information Commissioner (Information Commissioner) in matters relating to the performance of the Information Commissioner functions.

Information Advisory Committee

Privacy Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC provides strategic advice on privacy, from a broad range of perspectives, to the Information Commissioner.

Privacy Advisory Committee

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