Information Contact Officers Network

The Information Contact Officer Network (ICON) is a network for freedom of information (FOI), Information Publication Scheme (IPS) and Privacy Contact Officers in Australian Government agencies, the Norfolk Island administration and, relating to privacy only, ACT government agencies.

Contact Officers are the first point of contact for advice on FOI, IPS or privacy matters related to their agency. The OAIC strongly encourages each agency to have Contact Officers at a senior level for each of these areas. In some agencies these functions may be handled by the same person.

ICON meetings are held regularly throughout the year and provide Contact Officers with the opportunity to receive updates on the work of the OAIC and developments in the FOI, IPS and privacy areas. It also provides an opportunity for networking with colleagues in other agencies who may be dealing with similar issues in relation to FOI, the IPS or privacy. Generally, these meetings are held in Canberra.

We aim to publish as much material from ICON meetings as we can so that you don't miss out if you can't attend.

Upcoming ICON meeting dates

Upcoming ICON meetings dates for 2014 (linked to the agenda when available):

  • Tuesday 20 May 2014
  • Tuesday 2 September 2014
  • Friday 5 December 2014 (Sydney)

If you have a suggestion for an agenda item that you would like to see for any of the upcoming meetings please email

Resources from previous ICON meetings

How do I join?

If you are an FOI, IPS or Privacy Contact Officer and would like to join ICON, please sign up through our Subscribe page.

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