Privacy Connections — 5 April 2013

Privacy Awareness Week 2013 is nearly here!

We are now only four weeks away from the start of PAW 2013 and over 90  businesses and government agencies have already signed up as partners. If  you would like to register your organisation as a partner please send an email  to

The PAW  website is now live, complete with  information on how  to become involved, events, a list of partners and of  course our resources  page. If you’re on Twitter, tell us what you are doing during PAW by using  #2013PAW. 

PAW launch event — Business breakfast: Information security

Get together with your privacy colleagues and celebrate PAW 2013 by  joining us for breakfast at our launch event on Monday 29 April 2013 at the  Hilton Hotel, Sydney. Registrations  are now open.   To mark the occasion, the Hon Mark Dreyfus QC, MP Attorney-General  will launch the OAIC’s new Guide to  information security — ‘Reasonable steps’ to protect personal information.

The Australian Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim will also be  joined by Stephen Wilson, Managing Director, Lockstep Group and Gary Blair, Executive  General Manager, Enterprise Privacy, Identity & Cyber, Commonwealth Bank of  Australia, to discuss information security, the current cyber-security  environment and how businesses can ensure they are taking the right steps to  ensure compliance with the Privacy Act  1988.

Last year’s event was a sell-out so get your tickets early to ensure  you don’t miss out. This is a great opportunity to network with other privacy  professionals. 

Resources for partners

Our PAW website resources  page lists the materials we will be providing over the next few weeks.  Make your commitment to privacy visible to your staff and stakeholders by using  our new PAW partner web banner or Facebook cover photo. We have a rage of web  banners and buttons available in various sizes to suit your intranet or  website.  Other resources coming in the next couple of weeks include:

  • newsletter content you can adapt for staff or  client newsletters
  • a privacy law reform poster you can print and  display around the office
  • an Australian Privacy Principles Quick Reference  Tool to assist staff familiarise themselves with the new principles
  • a privacy law reform training presentation that  you can tailor for staff training sessions
  • a social media toolkit you can use to tweet and  Facebook in the lead up to and during the week
  • an infographic produced by the Asia Pacific  Privacy Authorities that you can share on social media, illustrating how  important privacy issues remain across the Asia Pacific region.

Current OAIC consultations

Guidelines  for developing privacy codes

A reminder that the OAIC has released draft Guidelines  for developing codes for public consultation.

The OAIC invites all those with an interest in privacy codes  to consider the draft Guidelines and provide comments by 12 April 2013. The final  version of the Guidelines will be released after the submissions have been considered.

Mobile privacy: A better practice guide  for mobile app developers

The OAIC is seeking  comments on a draft guide for mobile app developers. The guide  has been developed to help mobile device application (app) developers embed  better privacy practices in their products and services. The OAIC invites your  comments on the draft guide. The closing date for comment is 17 April 2013. The final version of the  Guide will be released during Privacy Awareness Week 2013.

External consultations

Draft Credit Reporting Code of Conduct  – public consultation by Australasian Retail Credit Association (ARCA)

ARCA have released a draft  version of a new credit reporting code (CR Code) for public consultation.  In December 2012 ARCA was requested by the  Australian Privacy Commissioner to develop the new CR code and apply to the  OAIC for its registration. The draft CR Code is being released publicly by ARCA  so that submissions can be provided to them and taken into account in their  further development of the CR Code.

The public consultation process by ARCA  closes on 5 May 2013.

For more  information about obtaining a copy of the draft CR code from ARCA and making a  submission to them go to the ARCA  website. After ARCA’s public  consultation it is anticipated that an application for the code’s registration  will be made to this office. Consequently the OAIC will not be making any  public comment on the draft code at this time.

New penalty amounts

On 28 December 2012, section 4AA of the Crimes Act 1914 was amended to increase the amount of a penalty unit from $110  to $170. This means that, under the reforms to the Privacy Act due to commence  on 12 March 2014, the maximum penalty amount for a serious or repeated  interference with the privacy of an individual will  be $340,000 for individuals and $1.7 million for entities.

If you have any questions about the business breakfast, or if there is  anything else that we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Kind regards   Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

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