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The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has a number of resources available to help you spread the privacy message throughout your networks.

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Web banners and buttons

Use these images on your website, intranet or social media platforms to assist with promoting PAW with your stakeholders. There are a variety of sizes and shapes available.

Banner (800 x 100px)

Banner-large-2015PAW border3-thumb800x100

jpgBanner 800 x 100px with border42.98 KB

jpgBanner 800 x 100px without border41.88 KB

Banner #2015PAW (448 x 147px)

Banner-sml-2015PAW border2-thumb448x147

jpgBanner (#2015PAW) 448 x 147 with border42.17 KB

jpgBanner (#2015PAW) 448 x 147 without border38.48 KB

Banner #privacyeveryday (448 x 147px)

Banner-sml-PED border2-thumb448x147

jpgBanner (#privacyeveryday) 448 x147 with border42.99 KB

jpgBanner (#privacyeveryday) 448 x147 without border39.11 KB

Partner button (235 x 235px)


Partner button 235 x 235 px

Small button #2015PAW (235 x 235px)

Button-sml-2015PAW border2-thumb235x235

jpgSmall #2015PAW button 235 x 235px with border49.83 KB

jpgSmall #2015PAW button 235 x 235px without border45.08 KB

Small button #privacyeveryday (235 x 235px)

Button-sml-PED border2-thumb235x235

jpgSmall #privacyeveryday button 235 x 235px with border51 KB

jpgSmall #privacyeveryday button 235 x 235px without border51 KB

Large button #2015PAW (571 x 358px)


jpgLarge #2015PAW button 517 x 358px with border68.24 KB

jpgLarge #2015PAW button 517 x 358px without border61.52 KB

Large button #privacyeveryday (571 x 358px)


jpgLarge #privacyeveryday button 517 x 358px with border70.11 KB

jpgLarge #privacyeveryday button 517 x 358px without border63.4 KB

Facebook cover photo — 1500 x 583 px

Coming soon

Social media tool kit

Use our social media tool kit for suggested social media status updates in the lead up to and during PAW. We encourage you to share our privacy messages via social media using our hash tags #2015PAW and #privacyeveryday.

Tool kit coming soon

APP guidance

The OAIC has developed a number of resources to help you and your colleagues implement the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) over the last year.  Feel free to print and distribute these around your workplace.

Guides and guidelines

Business resources

Agency resources

Fact sheets

The OAIC has developed a number of fact sheets about law reform. These may be useful for training, education and awareness.

ACT government agencies

The Information Privacy Act 2014 (ACT) regulates how personal information is handled by ACT public sector agencies. This Act includes a set of Territory Privacy Principles, which cover the collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information, and an individual’s access to and correction of that information.


Display our posters around your office to let your colleagues know about privacy awareness. The posters are available in soft copy for download or sharing.










Newsletter content

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Training material

pptxAPP training slides4.43 MB

pdfAPP training slides — presenter notes6.05 MB

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