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Reference Number: FOIREQ17/00035

Date of access

23 June 2017

FOI request

  1. A breakdown of 2016/17 financial year to date FOI data for the OAIC, as per the Request Numbers and Actions on Request worksheets of the Annual FOI reporting template.
  2. In relation to item 1, rather than recording broad categories of exemptions, a breakdown into the subsection claimed. For example, there are four distinct exemptions within s 47E (certain operations of agencies exemption).
  3. The specific FOI exemptions (as described in item 2) cited in any FOI decision from FY2013/14 thru to and including YTD FY2016/17.

Information published in the disclosure log

pdfFOIREQ17-00035 FOI Stats 2013–14507.55 KB

pdfFOIREQ17-00035 FOI Stats 2014–15508.46 KB

pdfFOIREQ17-00035 FOI Stats 2015–16508.18 KB

pdfFOIREQ17-00035 FOI Stats 2016–17525.92 KB

Other information

Full access provided

Further information

For further information please go to the OAIC's FOI disclosure log page.