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Reference Number: FOIREQ18/00066

Date of access

6 August 2018

FOI request

Records of the OAIC's inquiries with the Department of Human Services in response to media reports that Centrelink had released personal information into the public domain. Copies of any analysis, including email, memos, policy papers, file notes or similar, setting out the reasoning for the Commissioner's view that Centrelink's disclosure of personal information about [identified individual] to the media was permitted by APP 6.2(a)(ii). Any submissions made to the OAIC by Centrelink or the Department of Human Services in relation to this matter.

Information published in the disclosure log

pdfFOIREQ18/00066 Documents10.99 MB

Other information

Partial access provided.

Further information

For further information please go to the OAIC's FOI disclosure log page.