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Reference Number: FOIREQ18/00205

Date of access

14 January 2019

FOI request

  1. Document/s outlining the current delivery strategy aimed at enhancing the OAIC’s early resolution process to assist more efficient handling of privacy complaints.
  2. Document/s outlining what agreed evidence metrics (KPIs) are required to be used by Australian Government’s Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) in the self-assessment of OAIC’s performance in complaint handling. 

Information published in the disclosure log

pdfFOIREQ18/00205 Documents1.78 MB

Other information

 Full access provided (material irrelevant to the request has been deleted under s 22 of the FOI Act).

The ‘Early Resolution help guide’ (pages 14–37) has not been formally approved by the OAIC’s Executive and some of the processes outlined may be out of date or no longer used.

The ‘Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment methodology’ document (pages 38–45) has not been endorsed by the OAIC’s Executive and therefore its official status is ‘draft’. Performance against the KPIs in the Regulator Performance Framework is recorded in the OAIC’s Corporate Plan.

Further information

For further information please go to the OAIC's FOI disclosure log page.