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Reference Number: FOIREQ19/00007

Date of access

1 February 2019

FOI request

Policies, guidelines, directives, rules, codes of practice and procedures governing the handling of incoming telephone calls by the OAIC’s enquiries line and the ability of callers to choose to deal with the enquiries line without providing any personal information or identifiers in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principle 2.

Documents outlining the agreed measures or metrics used to define and evaluate the critical success factors in the delivery of services by the OAIC’s enquiries line.

Documents outlining the procedures for determining whether an OAIC employee has breached the Code of Conduct in s 13 of the Public Service Act 1999 (Cth).

Information published in the disclosure log

pdfFOIREQ19/00007 Document7.53 MB

Other information

Full access provided (material irrelevant to the request has been deleted under s 22 of the FOI Act).

The documents at pages 1–9 and 43–71 are not up-to-date (but are used by staff).

Further information

For further information please go to the OAIC's FOI disclosure log page.