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Reference Number: FOIREQ19/00063

Date of access

11 April 2019

FOI request

  1. A document, submission or things showing the group of individuals involved in enactment and enforcement of the no smoking policies of Commonwealth Government Departments and their related State counterparts
  2. A document, submission or things that identifies which Political entity/ies the originating policies referred to in Item 1 pertain to.
  3. A document, submission or things that identifies the Senators or Ministers and their Government Department portfolio responsibilities at the time relating to Items 1 and 2.
  4. A document, agreement, contract or things that refers to the Government Departments or participants in the approval processes for importing and distributing tobacco and related products into Australia.
  5. A document, submission or thing that reliably identifies which religious or racial interests are represented in relation to Items 1-4 based on either Charitable Undertakings or work related employment contracts.

Information published in the disclosure log

pdfFOIREQ19/00063 Documents9.34 MB

Other information

Full access provided.

Further information

For further information please go to the OAIC's FOI disclosure log page.