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Senate Grants and Appointments/Vacancies list September 2010

Yvette Nash
Office of the Minister for Home Affairs
PO Box 6022

Dear Ms Nash


Under the Senate Grants Order and Appointments/Vacancies Order, information covering the period from 4 May 2010 to 27 September 2010 must be tabled in Parliament by 11 October 2010.

The Office does not distribute any grants for the purposes of the Grants Order. For the purposes of the Appointments/Vacancies Order, the Office did not appoint anyone nor have any vacancies in the reporting period.

However, I should note that Timothy Pilgrim was appointed as Privacy Commissioner under section 19A of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act) during the reporting period. There were also two appointments and one reappointment to the Privacy Advisory Committee, which is established under section 82 of the Privacy Act. All of these appointments were made by the Governor-General.

Advice of these appointments has been provided to the Senate through the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

I would be grateful if you could arrange signing and tabling of the attached letters.

Yours sincerely
Andrew Solomon
Assistant Privacy Commissioner – Operations
September 2010