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Using the My Health Record system

A My Health Record is an electronic summary of a person’s health information. Healthcare providers are able to add information about a consumer's health to their My Health Record, in accordance with the consumer’s access controls. This may include information such as medical history and treatments, diagnoses, medications and allergies.

Healthcare providers should be aware of the following information when using the eHealth record system:

  • Know your obligations under the My Health Records Act: there are serious penalties if you don’t comply.
  • Understand that while there are new obligations for information stored on the My Health Record system, you must continue to comply with your current legal obligations.
  • Develop robust processes for handling My Health Records and ensure staff are adequately trained to follow them.
  • Tell your patients about what information you intend to add to and access from their My Health Record and explain what you will do with the information.
  • Ensure that you do not collect more information from a My Health Record than is necessary.
  • Collect, use and disclose information in a patient’s My Health Record only for the limited and authorised purposes allowed under the My Health Record system.
  • Know how the My Health Record system can be used in an emergency situation.