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What to look for in a privacy policy

Poster thumbnail: What to look for in a privacy policy. The poster's text follows this image.

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Online shopping and banking, social media, mobile apps, e-Gov services, loyalty cards and competitions can provide benefits, but make sure you’re not losing control of your personal information.

That’s why privacy policies are important — a good policy will tell you what you need to know before you provide your personal information.

So, before you decide to share your personal information read the privacy policy to find out:

  • what personal information is collected
  • if sensitive information is likely to be collected
  • if your personal information is likely to be shared with a third party
  • if personal information will be disclosed overseas
  • how your personal information will be used and disclosed
  • how personal information is stored and managed
  • how you can access and correct your personal information
  • how you can make a privacy complaint.

Privacy policies — read first and stay in control

For more information please refer to the our Guide to developing an APP privacy policy and the APP guidelines.