Your Consumer Data Right (CDR) data includes information about you such as your name and contact details, as well as detailed information about your use of a specific product or service.

You can request that your CDR data be shared by your service provider with an accredited business (also referred to as an ‘accredited data recipient’) via a secure online system.

For example, bank customers can ask to share the following types of CDR data with an accredited financial services provider of their choice:

  • Customer data
    • name and contact details
    • information provided when acquiring a product, or relating to your eligibility to acquire that product
    • details if you operate a business (such as business name, ABN and ACN, the type of business, date of establishment, and organisation type)
  • Account data
    • account number and name
    • account type
    • account balance
    • interest rates, fees and discounts
    • direct debits, scheduled payments and saved payees
  • Transaction data
    • incoming and outgoing transactions
    • amounts
    • dates
    • descriptions of transactions

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