Disclosure logs

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  • What an agency or minister must publish on their disclosure log
  • When information must be published on a disclosure log
  • Our role with disclosure logs

In the spirit of open and transparent government, the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) makes Australian Government agencies, with some exceptions, and ministers publish on their website information they’ve released under the FOI Act. They publish this information on a disclosure log.

You may find a disclosure log on an agency’s website by looking for the disclosure log icon or searching for ‘freedom of information’ or ‘disclosure log’.

Is everything released under the FOI Act published?

No. An agency or minister may decide, if it is unreasonable, not to publish on their disclosure log:

  • personal information about any individual
  • information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any individual
  • other information of a kind the Information Commissioner determines

When is information is published on a disclosure log?

An agency or minister must publish on a disclosure log the information they gave to an FOI applicant within 10 working days of giving access to it.

Is there a charge?

Information an agency or minister publishes on their website is free.

However, there may be situations where it’s not practical for an agency or minister to publish information on its website. To make information available in another form, an agency or minister may need to charge to cover costs (for example, reproduction costs). If a charge applies, the agency or minister will publish the details on their website.

What is our role with disclosure logs?

We can issue guidelines on disclosure logs which agencies and ministers must consider.

We can also investigate if an agency’s disclosure log complies with the FOI Act.

The Information Commissioner may also make a determination that certain kinds of information should not be published on a disclosure log.

If you think an agency’s disclosure log isn’t complying with the FOI Act, you can lodge a complaint with us