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Can I get my personal information corrected when it's wrong?

Yes. The FOI Act gives you the right to ask for your personal information to be amended if you have been given access to it and you believe the information is incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading. For information about what is required, see 'How to make an FOI request' below and FOI fact sheet 5 — Your personal information.

What if I disagree with the agency's decision not to correct my information?

If you disagree with an agency's FOI decision not to amend a document, or to amend a document in a different way from the way you requested, you can ask the agency to review its decision. You can also ask the agency or the minister to annotate the information (that is, to add to the document a statement or file note that reflects your disagreement).

You also have the right to ask the Information Commissioner to review the agency's or minister's decision under the FOI Act. For more information, see "What if I disagree with the agency or minister's decision? and FOI fact sheet 12: Your review rights.

If you disagree with a decision about amending information under the Privacy Act, you can complain to the Privacy Commissioner. For information about making a privacy complaint, see our privacy complaints page.