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What information do agencies and ministers have to publish on their websites?

You may not need to make an FOI request to get the information you want. Some agencies display the 'Access to information' icon on their homepage which directs users to published agency information:

FOI Access to information icon

The agency may also display the Information Publication Scheme and FOI Disclosure Log icons on their website (see below for more information).

Information Publication Scheme (IPS)

Agencies are required to publish a range of information on their websites under the IPS, including their structure, functions, appointments, annual reports, consultation arrangements, and details of the agency's FOI contact officer. The homepage of an agency's website may also have a direct link to information published under the IPS – look out for the IPS icon:

Information Publication Scheme icon

For full details see FOI fact sheet 4: The information publication scheme for Australian Government agencies.

Disclosure log

All agencies and ministers must also have a disclosure log on their website, which lists information that has been released in response to requests for access to documents under the FOI Act (commonly known as an 'FOI access request').

Generally you can access an agency's or minister's disclosure log through the 'FOI disclosure log' icon on their website (commonly on the home page):

FOI Disclosure Log icon

What is a disclosure log?

A disclosure log is a public record that each agency and minister keeps which lists all the documents they have released in response to FOI access requests. For full details, see FOI fact sheet 14: Disclosure logs.

Agencies also often make datasets available for public use and re-use, such as on If particular information is not published on a website, agencies will often give out information on request outside the formal FOI Act process. You may wish to request information from an agency informally before using FOI processes.