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What information will I get with the decision?

If an agency or minister decides not to give you access to a document you have asked for or to defer giving you access, they must notify you in writing. This notice must include:

  • the name and designation of the person making the decision
  • a statement of reasons for the decision and the facts used in making that decision
  • the public interest factors that were taken into account if the decision concerned a conditionally exempt document
  • information about your rights to have the decision reviewed.

For more information see FOI fact sheet 9: What you can expect from government agencies.

Will the decision tell me why information has been deleted from documents?

Yes. The decision will tell you the grounds for the deletions. If the reason for the deletion was to remove exempt material, the decision should explain the nature of the exemption (for example, the document contained sensitive national security information). For more information see FOI fact sheet 8: Exemptions.