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When will the documents I requested be given to me?

Documents will only be given to you after you have paid any outstanding charges and all opportunities a third party has to seek review have run out.

You can also agree with an agency or minister to release documents progressively outside the time limits in the FOI Act (known as a 'staged release'). This may be appropriate for large requests.

When will the documents be published on a disclosure log?

Agencies and ministers must publish information in a disclosure log on their website within ten working days of the applicant being given access. They can publish the information on the same day that access is given but the Information Commissioner recommends that agencies and ministers discuss and agree on the date of publication with FOI applicants.

How will the documents I requested be given to me?

An agency or minister may give you access to a document by:

  • giving you a copy of the document
  • giving you an opportunity to inspect the document
  • allowing you to hear or see the document (if it is made up of sounds or visual images)
  • giving you a written transcript if the document is recorded words.

You have the right to ask for access to documents in a particular form, such as in an electronic format rather than in photocopies. For more information see FOI fact sheet 9: What you can expect from government agencies.