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Could my loan repayment history affect my credit report?

Yes. Whether you have made or missed certain types of consumer credit payments can be included on your credit report. This information is called ‘repayment history information’ (RHI). Only RHI related to credit provided by licenced credit providers (for example, mortgage credit, personal loans and credit cards) is able to be included on your credit report.

You will be considered to have missed a payment if you make a payment more than 14 days after it is due to be paid.

A credit provider must have notified you that information about your repayment history is likely to be disclosed to a credit reporting body for inclusion on your credit report at or before the time the credit provider collected that information. At any point in time only the past two years of RHI can appear on your credit report.

RHI does not include the amount of any missed payment — only the fact that you have made or missed a payment.

Your RHI may be used by credit providers in assessing your capacity to, for example, afford a new loan or credit card.

RHI is separate to 'default' information which is a bill or repayment that is overdue for at least 60 days and the amount is $150 or more.