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My child attends a private school/college. Can I get access to their school records?

Can I get access to my child's school reports?

Generally, yes. It would be reasonable for the school to release your child’s school report to you in most circumstances, as in most cases a student would reasonably expect disclosure of the information to their parent. There may be exceptions to this, such as where there are court protection orders in place against a parent.

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I am a non-custodial parent.  Can I access my child’s school report?

Generally, yes. It will be reasonable for your child’s school to release reports to non-custodial parents in most circumstances as in most cases students reasonably would expect disclosure of the information. There may be exceptions to this, such as where court protection orders are in place against a parent.

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Can I get access to non-educational personal information about my child from their private school?

Generally, your school can provide you with non-educational material about your child where your child would reasonably expect this to happen. Under the Privacy Act 1988, your child’s school will need to consider:

  • the age of your child
  • the nature of the information
  • your child’s expectations about what information might be disclosed.

Your school should provide you and your child with policy documents which outline what non-educational disclosures the school might make.

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What factors might your child’s school take into account if you ask to access sensitive information, such as health information, about your child?

Where sensitive information is involved, schools will need to consider:

  • the age and best interests of the student
  • the need for parents to be informed
  • the school's duty of care to the student.

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