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Question 5

Is your complaint about a local, state or territory public sector agency - for example your local council or a state government department?


Further information

The Privacy Act is a federal law which does not cover local, state or territory government agencies, except the Norfolk Island administration.

NSW, QLD and Victoria have a Privacy Commissioner, Tasmania an Ombudsman and the Northern Territory an Information Commissioner who are statutory officers responsible for privacy in relation to their public sectors.

If your complaint is about a New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmanian or Victorian public sector agency (including a local council), please contact the relevant Commissioner below:

Western Australia and South Australia have administrative privacy schemes covering their public sector agencies.  You can find more information about these on our State and territory privacy law page.

The Australian Capital Territory has its own privacy law (the Information Privacy Act 2014 (ACT)). The Commissioner currently handles privacy complaints under that law. For more information see our Australian Capital Territory Privacy page.


Some state authorities and instumentalities are bound by the Privacy Act. These are prescribed by the Privacy Regulation 2013. Currently (as at 1 September 2014) they are:

  • Essential Energy (NSW)
  • Ausgrid (NSW)
  • Endeavour Energy (NSW)
  • Homestart Finance (SA) — except in relation to APP11.2

Key points

  • The Commissioner can investigate complaints about most Australian Government agencies and the Norfolk Island administration.
  • The Commissioner can also handle complaints under the ACT's Information Privacy law.
  • Other State and territory public sector agencies and local councils are not covered by the Privacy Act.