Dear Commissioner

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments on the consultation paper “Towards an Australian Government Information Policy”.

The Information Development and Management Branch (IDM) within the Department of Health Western Australia have reviewed the paper and support the ten draft principles finding them comprehensive and robust.

We would like to offer the following comments in relation to two of the ten draft principles:

1.Open access to information – a default position

Comment: In addition to making information accessible, significant benefits would also be derived from providing appropriate access to high quality information in a timely manner to ensure effective and efficient decision-making.

2.Effective information governance

Comment: To assist in ensuring effective information governance, consideration should be given to linking information management to an agency’s Key Performance Indicators or funding agreement.

We acknowledge that the paper focuses on the ‘access’ aspect of the information management lifecycle and would be keen to see the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) develop similar principles for other key information management lifecycle phases including; ‘collection’, ‘storage’, ‘use’ and ‘disposal’.

These comments have been included on the OAIC blog and I trust these comments are of some assistance in the review of the paper.

I would appreciate if you could please include me on future communications in this area. Thank you once again.


Karen Lopez
Program Manager
Information Development & Management
Performance Activity and Quality Division
Department of Health WA
Tel :(08)9222 4135

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