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Privacy – It's all about you

Australian Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim reminds all Australians to take care of their personal information during Privacy Awareness Week 2012 (29 April to 5 May 2012).

Last night, Mr Pilgrim launched a seminar [dead link:] detailing the results of a privacy survey [dead link:] conducted by Dr Mark Andrejevic from the University of Queensland. The nationwide survey asked more than 1100 Australians about what they think about the collection and use of their personal information for commercial purposes online.

“These survey results confirm that Australians are very concerned about what companies are doing with their personal information, particularly in the digital era,” Mr Pilgrim said.

“It’s not surprising that at a time when we are constantly asked for our information and where online tracking and data aggregation has become routine practice, people surveyed want to know more about how their information is collected and used.”

The survey results indicate that the majority of people were uncomfortable with behavioural based advertising.

“The results show that more than half of the respondents – 56 per cent – do not approve of having advertising targeted to them based on their personal information. In fact, to avoid the collection of their information, 69 per cent of those surveyed say they have refused to use an application or website because it collected too much personal information, with 79 per cent simply refusing to provide personal information.”

Over 140 partners from government agencies, the not for profit sector and businesses will join the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner during Privacy Awareness Week to promote the protection of privacy in Australia.

“We have put together a range of materials to assist government and businesses protect the information they are holding about their customers and for individuals to protect their own personal information.”

“Now is a great time to review your privacy settings and take the time to understand what happens to your personal information when you give it to a business. Think about how much personal information you reveal. Once your privacy has gone, it can be extremely difficult to get back,” Mr Pilgrim said.

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Background information

Privacy Awareness Week is a joint initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities forum. More information on what is happening around the region can be found here:

Launch event Monday 30 April 2012:

Privacy Awareness Week will commence with a business breakfast Data Breach: are you ready? in Sydney on Monday 30 April that will explore best practice privacy protection and what to do if a privacy breach occurs.

If media wish to attend please email:

More details here: [dead link:]


Information about the Personal Information Project survey conducted by Dr Mark Andrejevic is available at: