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Launch of Privacy regulatory action policy

Speaking at the iappANZ Annual Conference this morning, the Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, launched the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's (OAIC) Privacy regulatory action policy.

The Privacy regulatory action policy explains the powers available to the Commissioner, and formalises the OAIC's approach to using these powers.

The Privacy Commissior said that the policy doesn't mark a shift in the OAIC's approach to regulation.

'What it does is provide transparency about our existing approach, making it as clear as possible to organisations what our powers are, and what we see as our responsibilities in regards to using them,' he said.

Mr Pilgrim also annouced the impending release of the Guide to privacy regulatory action. The Guide to privacy regulatory action supports the Privacy regulatory action policy by addressing the regulatory powers, and providing a more detailed explanation of how these powers will be used. 

The OAIC has released Part 1 of the Guide as an exposure draft, and is currently seeking comments.