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Draft Credit Reporting Code of Conduct — public consultation by ARCA

5 April 2013

The OAIC is providing this information to increase awareness of an important consultation by the Australasian Retail Credit Association (ARCA).

Major reforms to the Privacy Act will commence on 12 March 2014. They include significant changes to credit reporting, including the development of a new credit reporting code (CR code).

In December 2012 ARCA was requested by the Australian Privacy Commissioner to develop the new CR code and apply to the OAIC for its registration. (pdfLetter of request331.07 KB)

ARCA has now released, for public consultation, a draft of the proposed new CR Code.

The draft CR Code is being released publicly by ARCA so that submissions can be provided to them and taken into account in their further development of the CR code.

The public consultation process by ARCA closes on 5 May 2013.

For more information about obtaining a copy of the draft CR code from ARCA and making a submission to them go to the ARCA website.

After ARCA 's public consultation it is anticipated that an application for the code's registration will be made to this office. Consequently the OAIC will not be making any public comment on the draft code at this time.