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2013 Community Attitudes to Privacy survey video

Community Attitudes to Privacy video transcript

In 2013, what are our attitudes to privacy?

We’re creating more data than ever before.

In fact, 90 per cent of all the data out there was created in the last two years.

With ten billion texts a day, and one billion posts, it keeps increasing.

By 2015, one trillion devices will be connected to the internet.

Our information is out there, but privacy still matters.

In the last year, one in three of us was unhappy about the use of our personal data, and most of us are now more concerned about providing personal information online.

We worry most about online services, ID fraud and theft, data security, and financial fraud.

It’s changing our behaviour. We won’t use an app if we are concerned how our personal information will be used.

Most of us do trust health services, financial institutions, and government, yet few of us trust social media.

In recent years, we’ve developed a better understanding of privacy.

Most expect to be told how their personal information will be handled, and to be informed if it has been lost.

We better understand the value of our information, trading personal information for better prices and services.

We’re beginning to know our rights, and take responsibility.

The majority are aware of federal privacy laws, and though many don’t read privacy policies, we’re taking responsibility in other ways.

Almost half of us ask why personal information is needed, while more than half check the security of websites, and many now clear their browsing history.

But we can all do more.

For tips on how to protect your privacy, check the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at