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A message from the Commissioner — to Australian businesses and agencies


Hello, I’m Timothy Pilgrim, and I oversee the Australian Privacy Act, which regulates how businesses and agencies can collect and use personal information.

Almost all businesses use personal data to some extent to provide their products and services. And right now many Australian organisations, both public and private, are rapidly embracing data innovation as a powerful tool to develop better products and services.

My office understands the great value of information, and that this value is often best realised when it can be shared, used and built upon.

And, as principles-based law, the Privacy Act is flexible enough to support all manner of data initiatives, provided that an integrated approach to privacy management is taken up front.

So it’s surprising that, even now, some organisations think that privacy is a block to data innovation.

But the Privacy Act is not about secrecy, it’s about transparency.

By requiring transparency in how personal information is used, it gives individuals clarity, choice and confidence that their privacy rights are being respected.

And by ensuring organisations are transparent and responsible when handling personal information, it strengthens customer trust.

Accordingly, good privacy management and great innovation go hand in hand.

Because when people have confidence about how their information is managed, they are more likely to support the use of that information to provide better services. And that means improved performance for your organisation.

No matter what business or agency you work for, my office is uniquely placed to support your organisation to achieve its innovation goals, while respecting Australians’ privacy.

So please visit our website, and take the time to look at our guidelines and resources, and take good privacy management into your hands.

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