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A message from the Commissioner — to Australian parents and carers


Hello, I’m Timothy Pilgrim, and I oversee Australia’s Privacy Act, which provides privacy protections to all Australians, including children.

As any parent or carer would know, Australian children are spending more time online to connect with friends, learn and be entertained.

While online environments give young Australians the chance to express themselves and build their identity, sharing personal information online is not without risks.

Fortunately, those risks can be reduced, often with quite simple steps and techniques that build smart online habits for both children and adults alike.

It’s important to educate children on how to make good decisions and build those habits early — so that thinking twice before posting online becomes as instinctual as looking twice before crossing the road.

Our children need our support to navigate the online world just as they do offline, and to support you, my Office has developed a practical guide to help you work with your children to build smart privacy habits.

Our Ten Privacy Tips for Parents and Carers is a simple guide to help you approach online privacy with your children, with practical steps to begin the conversation and learning process.

In the information age, your children’s personal information is one of their most valuable assets.

So visit our website, and understand what you and your children can do, to take privacy into your hands.

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