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Privacy Awareness Week – welcome

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Video transcript

Hello my name is Timothy Pilgrim and I’m the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

Just over a month ago new privacy laws commenced and I know that many organisations and agencies invested a lot of resources in making sure they were prepared for the changes on the 12th of March. It’s been really pleasing to see just how focused they have been on this task.

Privacy Awareness Week is now a good opportunity to build on the momentum brought by these changes. I would like organisations and agencies to use Privacy Awareness Week to take stock of the progress made so far and see what other actions might need to be done or reviewed. Everyone should be striving for continual improvement in the privacy space.

For Privacy Awareness Week this year, we are focussing on the theme of transparency of information handling practices and the importance of creating an organisational culture that respects privacy.

This can have positive benefits particularly in the area of increasing customer trust.

Our Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey conducted last year revealed that 63% of Australians have decided not to deal with an organisation or government agency due to concerns about how their personal information will be used. Don’t let that be your organisation or agency’s experience!

The OAIC will continue to work with you organisations or agency over the next 12 months to ensure that they understand the new requirements and have the systems in place to meet compliance.

Thank you for your participation in Privacy Awareness Week 2014. Let’s work together to make sure that we protect privacy.

Thank you.