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Posting: The quick mental checklist — Facebook Privacy Awareness Week 2016


Facilitator: Every once in a while, you go to post something, because you’re like, “That’s hilarious!” and then you sort of, sometimes your thumb pauses for that one millisecond, and you think, “Hang on a second, maybe I shouldn’t post this. Maybe somebody else won’t think it’s quite so funny, or maybe they’ll judge me in a weird way.”

Participant 1: The main thing is, are there friends in this and are they going to be okay with it. So, photos and that kind of thing, we’ll actually post in a private chat or private group, and people will say, “Not that one please, or not that one.”

Participant 2: I had an experience a couple of years ago where I posted a status, and I’d said something along the lines of—I think I was probably about sixteen so it was a bit ridiculous—something like, “I’m at home alone! Woo, Friday!” and then, like maybe an hour later, I was like, I’ve just posted to the entire world that I’m at home alone. And I was like, have I just invited somebody to come and murder me? And then I deleted it, and I just started to really think about the access that everyone else has to what you post online.

Participant 3: Somebody’s put up a photo and somebody’s freaked out and is messaging them or calling them to try and get it taken down and it’s really difficult when you don’t have your own access to that photo, it’s not like you can just log on and quickly remove it, you’re relying on that person to make the decision and to do the action of taking it down.

Timothy Pilgrim: I was out at dinner last Saturday night in King Street in Newtown, went on to a bar with some friends and we checked in. And I had the immediate thought like we all do, which is, “Okay, I’ve checked in. Who now knows where I am?” So it always comes back to being cautious of the time you take the photograph or you decide to put something up about yourself, how broadly can it go?

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