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Setting up new accounts — Facebook Privacy Awareness Week 2016


Facilitator: When you’re setting up a new app, if it is one around sharing your personal information, what’s your experience been in terms of going in and, like, playing with the privacy settings and making sure it’s all set up?

Timothy Pilgrim: One of the really hard things is that you’ll see a privacy policy come up when you go onto a new app or onto a new program or something like that. And you’re presented with page after page after page often, of too much information. Those organisations could also be on-selling your information or passing it on to other organisations as well, so you need to keep that in mind just as much as you do about what your friends or your family may do with a picture as well.

Facilitator: What kind of things go through your head when you’re setting up a new app?

Participant 1: We don’t look into it as much as we should. Especially because when it comes up and there’s lots of writing, as soon as we see more than five words on a page, we’re like, “Nah, not even gonna read it.”

Participant 2: Apps that I’ve used maybe once or twice, maybe years ago, they still have all my details. But because I don’t use them, I haven’t kind of thought about the ramifications of that. But they still have all that data, and I don’t really even have access to it. So even though I’m being careful now, it sort of doesn’t matter. 

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