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To tag or not to tag, that is the question... — Facebook Privacy Awareness Week 2016


Facilitator: What are the rules around tagging—are there rules around tagging?

Participant 1: Yeah, I don’t know. I think it’s definitely something where I would send a photo to a friend, and be like, “Hey, is this okay to post up?” and I have had friends who’re like, “No I look horrible, my makeup’s dribbling,” or like, “Oh okay, I look great, but you know.”

Participant 2: I certainly think it’s always polite to ask, and also to not get offended if someone untags themself from a photo that you’ve tagged them in. And I’ve certainly had parties where we’ve spoken about, “OK we’re all wearing really ridiculous costumes tonight so we’re going to make a really private album and not share it with anybody else.” So I think if you can have the conversation, do it, and keep everybody on the same page, just so that everyone’s safe.

Facilitator: Yeah because I think, I mean the interesting thing about tagging is that it does let the friends of that person see it. So you know, you can sort of, they can wake up in the morning and be like, “I had no idea that photo was taken and everybody saw it before I got up.”

Participant 3: I really hate being tagged in things. I actually do have my own, that thing that you do review everything and when people do tag me in things I do kind of look at and review it very, very critically before I actually allow it on there, so.

Participant 4: I’m not very tech savvy and that’s something where I don’t even know that I could go in and review the tags.

Facilitator: We’re increasingly moving to, like, end product notifications, so that if there’s a new feature or you do get tagged, there’ll be a little thing that says, “Hey, like, you were tagged, click here to learn more,” and then it gives you the option to remove it and things like that.

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