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Review of Credit Provider Determinations consultation information

May 2011

Consultation on the review of the three Credit Provider Determinations: 2006-3 (Assignees), 2006-4 (Classes of Credit Providers) and 2006-5 (Indigenous Business Australia) closed on 3 June 2011.

Report issued and Determinations made following the consultation:

The report on the consultation was issued on 16 August 2011: Review of Credit Provider Determinations August 2011 PDF

Revised determinations were registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments on 15 August 2011 and are linked below:

Consultation papers

The following consultation papers were issued in relation to the review:

Submissions received

Listed and linked below are submissions received in response to the consultation papers, where we have agreement to publish. These submissions are presented here in the form they were received by the OAIC (subject to the redaction of signatures). If you have any difficulty accessing this information please contact us.

  1. Civil Liberties Australia .doc
  2. Indigenous Business Australia .pdf
  3. Australian Bankers’ Association .pdf
  4. Consumer Credit Legal Service (WA) Inc .pdf
  5. SingTel Optus .pdf
  6. Westpac Banking Corporation .pdf
  7. Australian Institute of Credit Management .doc
  8. Communications Alliance / Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association .pdf
  9. Australian Finance Conference .pdf
  10. Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs .pdf
  11. Experian Australia .doc
  12. Veda Advantage Information Services and Solutions Limited .pdf