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Review of the Tax File Number Guidelines consultation information

August 2011

Consultation on the review of the Tax File Number Guidelines (TFN Guidelines) closed on 16 September 2011.

Guidelines registered following the review:

Following the conclusion of the review, new Tax File Number Guidelines 2011 were registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments on 20 December 2011.

The review:

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) sought comments on the following documents:

  • draft revised TFN Guidelines — the proposed revisions to the TFN Guidelines are intended to enhance their clarity, language and presentation, without changing their policy intent - to protect individuals' privacy by restricting the use and ensuring the careful handling of TFNs.
  • guidance material – information sheet featuring FAQs – the OAIC prepared accompanying draft guidance material for the draft revised TFN Guidelines, in the form of an information sheet containing frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • updated 'Classes of Lawful Tax File Number Recipients' document – this document is currently attached to the annotated version of the existing TFN Guidelines. It is not legally binding, though it is issued in accordance with the TFN Guidelines, which require the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to release publicly available information about matters including the classes of persons authorised to request TFNs. The ATO and APRA produced an updated draft of the document for the consultation.

The OAIC also issued a consultation paper in relation to the review.

Submissions received

Listed and linked below are submissions received in response to the consultation documents outlined above. These submissions are presented here in the form they were received by the OAIC. If you have any difficulty accessing this information please contact us.

  1. pdfAustralian Prudential Regulation Authority253.08 KB 
  2. pdfThe Treasury713.76 KB 
  3. pdfAMP52.78 KB 
  4. pdfDepartment of Human Services75.58 KB
  5. pdfDepartment of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations296.17 KB 
  6. pdfWestpac Banking Corporation170.66 KB
  7. pdfThe Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia43.04 KB
  8. pdfOffice of the Privacy Commissioner — NSW340.5 KB
  9. pdfUniversities Australia97.01 KB
  10. pdfDepartment of Veterans’ Affairs316.93 KB
  11. Greenwoods and Freehills Pty Limited .html
  12. Office of the Information Commissioner – Northern Territory .html
  13. National Australia Bank .html
  14. Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees .html
  15. pdfFinancial Services Council383.04 KB
  16. pdfAustralian Taxation Office122.58 KB
  17. pdfAustralian Privacy Foundation94.77 KB