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Data matching guidelines consultation information

December 2011

Submissions to this consultation closed on 29 February 2012.


In 1998, the former Office of the Privacy Commissioner published The use of data matching in Commonwealth administration: Guidelines (February 1998) (Guidelines). These are voluntary guidelines regarding the conduct of data-matching activities for administrative purposes by Australian Government agencies.

The OAIC is currently reviewing the Guidelines. As part of the review, the OAIC produced draft revised Guidelines (proposed to be retitled Guidelines for data-matching in Australian Government administration) (PDF).

To assist the public in considering the draft revised Guidelines and preparing comments, the OAIC issued a consultation paper in relation to the review.

Submissions received

If you have any difficulty accessing the submissions, please contact us.

  1. Hugh Major pdfPDF255.75 KB rtfRTF34.48 KB
  2. Australian Taxation Office pdfPDF287.01 KB rtfRTF1.28 MB
  3. Department of Human Services pdfPDF709.16 KB rtfRTF1.28 MB