Data breaches — your plan to be well prepared

11 April 2016
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Data breaches involving personal information can happen in any organisation, so being prepared for this ‘what if’ is a critical risk planning step.

Prior preparation is the key to minimising reputational risk, cost and disruption in the event of a breach, which is why the OAIC has released a new guide to assist your organisation to develop a clear Data Breach Response Plan.

The guide explains how actions immediately after the discovery of a breach can be crucial to the success of a response. Quick responses can also substantially decrease the impact on affected individuals, which is vital to protecting your consumer confidence and reputation.

Having the right people, plans and systems in place prior to any breach is essential to how quickly and accurately your organisation can respond. Accordingly our Guide will help you determine and document:

  • membership, roles and responsibilities of your response team
  • the immediate actions you need to take if a breach is suspected or discovered
  • escalation paths and critical decision points
  • key communication steps.

We have also included a handy checklist to help you quickly determine whether your existing data breach response plan covers all the relevant elements to respond to a data breach.

So to begin developing your data breach response plan, or to see if your current plan meets best practice, see our Guide to developing a data breach response plan.

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