Ethical data use & future privacy challenges — Data + Privacy Asia Pacific Conference wrap up

24 July 2017
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Ethical data management and the implications of new technologies to privacy headlined the subjects discussed by international experts at Data + Privacy Asia Pacific this July.

The opening session on ethical data stewardship brought together a rare panel of global expertise in data and ethics. Australia’s Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director of The Ethics Centre, was joined by Facebook Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, Rob Sherman, and leading academic, Peter Cullen from the Information Accountability Foundation.

Photo of the panel event

In a robust debate that introduced the term ‘moral imagination’ to a packed audience, ethical data frameworks were advocated as a means of moving beyond compliance — and placing individual privacy at the centre of data projects as the digital environment continues to evolve.

In the afternoon, a panel of privacy authorities from Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, the United States, and Canada provided an international perspective on regulation, and how different jurisdictions are adapting to a changing digital environment.

They also responded to a challenge from MC Virginia Trioli — who suggested that younger people might not care about privacy. Regulators from all four corners countered that young people are privacy-conscious online and often take sophisticated steps to control who is able to access their personal information. The OAIC’s 2017 Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey bears this out, finding that millennials were more likely to adjust their privacy settings on social media.

The conference also included updates in the latest Big Data and Machine Learning guidance from the UK’s ICO, and important insights on GDPR integration for non-EU businesses.

Three breakout sessions: new technologies, health and privacy, and protecting reputations, completed the day, with 16 experts from across sectors providing insider views on subjects including IoT technologies, privacy by design strategies, privacy implications and uses of health data, and global privacy compliance.

The OAIC has been delighted to hear (and is very grateful for) feedback that the conference was one of the most engaging and informative events on privacy and data that attendees had been to. To be updated with the latest events from the OAIC join the Privacy Professionals’ Network.

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