Online privacy knowledge essential for 13.3 million internet-connected Australians

10 October 2016
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As of the end of June this year, there were approximately 13.3 million people in Australia connected to the internet.

An increasing number of us are going online to complete day-to-day activities, from banking to grocery food shopping. At the same time, Internet of Things devices like movie streaming, fitness trackers and smart home appliances are becoming more regular features in people’s homes.

Digital devices and apps have the potential to make everyday tasks simpler. But remember, for these tools to work for you and personalise your experience, they need to know about you.

So it’s important to be aware what information about you is being collected and where it is going when you enter your details into any internet-connected device.

Take the time to read the privacy policies and understand the privacy settings of the devices and apps you use. Check to find out:

  • what information is collected
  • how your personal information will be stored, and how long it is stored
  • whether your information will be provided to third parties
  • what information will be public and how you can customise your privacy settings.

We provide more tips for keeping personal information secure online. If you have any questions about your privacy you can contact our office on 1300 363 992 or

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