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27 July 2017
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The OAIC has updated its privacy policy. The update includes the following changes:

Collection of personal information

We have included references to the collection and assessment of personal information relating to applying for a job at the OAIC.

Collecting through our website

We have updated the text about collecting personal information through our website to provide detail on the types of information we may collect through the Google Analytics and Pwik tools and the specific cookies we use. Additionally, we have provided Information about our use of Vision6 for mailing lists and Hotjar for collecting voluntary feedback on user experience with our website.

Electronic forms

Due to changes in the way the Department of Industry’s new HTML-based SmartForms service operates, we have expanded the Electronic forms section to provide information about online saving and circumstances where the Department of Industry may access saved or submitted forms.

Data breach notifications

We have added an additional section for data breach notifications, noting that where a data breach relates to the My Health Records Act, we may disclose personal information to the My Health Records System Operator under section 73 of that Act.

Publication of decisions and reports

We have amended the policy to note that when we publish decisions, determinations or reports we will not publish individual parties’ names unless they ask for it to be published.

We have also advised that we may publish other information about cases we have resolved without a formal decision and that names will not be published.

Disclosure to other regulators or external dispute resolution schemes

We have added a paragraph to provide information on the circumstances in which we may disclose personal information to other regulators or EDR schemes.

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