Sharing My Health Record — It's My Choice

1 April 2019

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It's up to me which photo I share, where I shop online, and who I bank with.

Every day I make choices about where I share my personal information and what to make private or public.

When it comes to my health, my privacy is important, so I want to control who sees my information.

Sharing My Health Record with my healthcare providers is my choice.

I can control which providers see my record, what's uploaded, and what information can be viewed.

I've set up my privacy controls so I get an alert whenever one of my healthcare providers opens My Health Record for the first time.

And if I decide I don't want a My Health Record, I can cancel it at any time.

Sharing My Health Record, it's my choice.

If you'd like to learn more about privacy and My Health Record, go to

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