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This section contains answers to some frequently asked questions for private sector businesses about the application of the Privacy Act 1988

What does the term ‘due and payable’ mean in the definition of repayment history information?
What privacy obligations does my business have when ID scanning?
How do I know if my small business is covered by the Privacy Act?
Does my business have privacy obligations in relation to consumer credit reporting under the Privacy Act?
Does my business have privacy obligations in relation to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006?
Are sporting clubs covered by the Privacy Act?
Are childcare centres covered by the Privacy Act?
Can I use customer information for marketing purposes?
Will businesses, service providers or government agencies be breaching the Privacy Act by providing information to customers through the National Relay Service?
Centrelink has requested information from my organisation about an individual. Will I breach the Privacy Act if I give out this information?
How do I know if I am allowed to send personal information to a specific country?
What happens if I sell my small business including a customer database?
Can a private schools give personal information to parents who request it?
Can I use my customer database to send a customer a Christmas Card?
Using publically available personal information for marketing
I am a financial adviser considering transferring to a dealer group. What are my key privacy obligations?
What do I need to think about if I want to put photographs or video of people on the web?
If I am running a business as a genealogist researching other people's family histories, do I need to comply with the Privacy Act?