Digital ID

What is Digital ID?

The Australian Government is introducing a legislated Digital ID system, a mechanism for individuals to digitally verify their ID online.

The Australian Government Digital ID System (AGDIS) is intended to deliver a secure, convenient, and voluntary way for individuals to verify who they are online without having to repeatedly share sensitive documents (such as licences and passports). By using their digital ID, individuals will be able to access services or products while avoiding the need to share ID documents with multiple organisations.

AGDIS already allows individuals to verify their ID online with myGovID, to access some government services. This system will be expanded to allow access to non-government services, and to permit other accredited providers (public and private) to offer digital ID services.

For more information, see the Australian Government's official Digital ID system website.

OAIC’s Digital ID role

The OAIC will be the privacy regulator of Digital ID and will be responsible for ensuring individuals’ privacy is protected.

The OAIC will have an expanded regulatory role under the Digital ID legislation, including:

  • providing oversight of the new ‘additional privacy safeguards’ (that apply to all accredited providers in their provision of accredited services), including developing guidance, complaint-handling, investigations and taking enforcement action
  • performing Notifiable Data Breach scheme functions in relation to the Digital ID system
  • undertaking assessments of Digital ID system compliance by accredited providers.

The privacy obligations in the Digital ID legislation will operate in addition to the general obligations under either the Privacy Act or relevant State or Territory privacy legislation.

The OAIC is in the process of preparing guidance to assist accredited providers to understand and comply with their privacy obligations when providing accredited services and preparing resources on privacy rights for individuals when engaging with the Digital ID system.

ACCC’s Digital ID regulatory role

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) will be the initial Digital ID regulator.

The ACCC will be responsible for:

  • accrediting entities providing digital ID services,
  • approving entities to participate in the Australian Government Digital ID System, and
  • undertaking compliance monitoring and enforcement activities for non-privacy aspects of the Digital ID System.

For further information, see the ACCC’s Digital ID website.