Publication date: 31 August 2021
Record NoTitle
21/000001NAA - Building Trust in the Public Record - 2021
21/000002Executive Committee Meetings 2021
21/000003Operations Committee Meetings 2021
21/000004Commissioner Workflow 2021
21/000006Legal Services - 2021 - Delegations and Authorisations
21/000008Content Manager workflows
21/000009Systems & Security - Guide to securing personal information (Security Guide) – 2021 update
21/000010OAIC records disposal project - 2020-2021
21/000015Bill scrutiny 2021
21/000018Senate Estimates 2021
21/000019APP Advice 2021
21/000021Cert IV training for CII staff
21/000023Legal Services - 2021 - Legal advices
21/000025Privacy Authorities Australia (PAA) Communications Working Group
21/000026OAIC Corporate Plan 2021-22
21/000027OAIC Annual Report 2020-21
21/000031Costing Agreement for Consumer Data Right - Dept of Finance (paper file) - PROTECTED
21/000032Digital health MOU 2020/21 – Internal advice and briefings
21/000033Digital health MOU 2020/21 – Guidance
21/000034Digital health MOU 2020/21 – External advice
21/000035Digital health MOU 2020/21 – Administration
21/000036Digital health MOU 2020/21 – Submissions
21/000037Digital health MOU 2020/21 – Media and digital health monitoring
21/000038Digital health MOU 2020/21 – Stakeholder liaison
21/000039Health Privacy Advice 2020/21
21/000040s 135AA Guidelines Review 2021
21/000046Assistant Commissioner DR
21/000051Determinations team – Planning
21/000057Consumer Data Right Roadmap (Paper File) - PROTECTED
21/000058Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) - Meetings 55 - Korea – 16 – 18 Jun 21
21/000063Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces Review
21/000064IDCARE Engagement
21/000066COVIDSafe App
21/000067Contact Tracing
21/000068COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout
21/000069National Privacy Team
21/000070COVID-19 and Telehealth
21/000072Privacy in Practice e-learning program
21/000074Digital identity
21/000076Gap Analysis - National Data Framework (Paper File) - PROTECTED
21/000089Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) documents
21/000101Technology issues, advice and research 2021 - Digital Health and Technology
21/000102International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC) 12th Closed Session Conference - 23-24 June 2021
21/000106Privacy Case precedents and case notes
21/000107Systems & Security – International Production Orders and CLOUD Act
21/000108Systems & Security – Voluntary Data Matching
21/000114Consultation - NAA and AGD - Transfer of matters - s 16
21/000117Speeches and presentations 2021-22
21/000118Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) 2022
21/000119International Access to Information Day 2021
21/000120Systems and Security – National Facial Biometric Matching Capability (NFBMC)
21/000122Liaison with Minister Office - 2020-21
21/000124OAIC Branch Business Plans: 2021-2022
21/000136National Health Act - data matching - assessment
21/000138NTC Consultation 2021 – Regulatory framework for automated vehicles in Australia
EX21/00001Part 4 FOI Guidelines
EX21/00002Letter to Economics Committee re Treasury Laws Amendment (News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code) Bill 2020
EX21/00003Online Safety Bill Exposure Draft Consultation
EX21/00004GPA ExCo Meeting Brief
EX21/00005Party and Dpeartment Of Information (OAIC ref no CP20/12345)
EX21/00006Meeting Brief - GPA ExCo March 2021
CC21/00002Gap analysis - AAI's
CC21/00004Fraud control policy and plan review and update - fraud risk assessment
CC21/00005Review of changes to the Commonwealth Procurment Rules Dec 2020
CC21/00007Leadership Trainin - *** training proposal
CC21/00011March 2021 Responses to Questions on Notice
CC21/00012May 2021 Senate Estimates briefs coordination
CC21/00013Hot Topic Briefs titles for March 2021 Budget Estimates
CC21/00015QoNs May 2021 Estimates