Chapter 12: Privacy Safeguard 12 — Security of CDR data and destruction or de-identification of redundant CDR data

15 November 2022

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Key points

  • Securing CDR data is an integral element of the consumer data right (CDR) system.
  • Privacy Safeguard 12 places requirements on accredited data recipients of CDR data and designated gateways to ensure CDR data is protected from misuse, interference and loss, as well as from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. The specific steps that these entities must take to protect CDR data are in the consumer data rules (CDR Rules).
  • In addition, if an accredited data recipient of CDR data or a designated gateway no longer needs the CDR data for purposes permitted by the privacy safeguards or the CDR Rules, then the data is considered ‘redundant data’ and will need to be destroyed (or deleted) or de-identified unless an exception applies.
  • An applicant for accreditation must demonstrate compliance with the information security requirements in Privacy Safeguard 12 in order to gain and maintain accreditation under the CDR system.