11 Oct 2017

It can take quite some time before you really get to know someone.

My Health Record was created to make it easier for healthcare professionals to know important information about patients quickly, and provide the best possible medical care.

My Health Record is a summary of your patients’ important medical information —including pre-existing conditions, allergies, and the medicines they need.

But what if a patient is concerned about people accessing their personal information?

The information in a My Health Record is for the patient and their healthcare providers — The Australian Privacy Commissioner is the independent regulator of the privacy aspects of the My Health Record system.

It is the Commissioner’s role to investigate privacy complaints from patients, provide advice to healthcare providers and assess My Health Records data breaches.

The Commissioner can also conduct an investigation without receiving a complaint if the mishandling of personal information in the My Health Record system is suspected.

Our office can help healthcare providers understand their privacy obligations and answer questions individuals may have on the handling of their personal information.