The Open Government Partnership (OGP) an international initiative involving countries, local governments and civil society organisations that are working together to promote accountable, responsible and inclusive governance. The Australian Government became a member of the OPG in 2015, committing to support the OGP’s goals of increasing the transparency and accountability of government. After governments join the OGP, they work with civil society to create National Action Plans setting out concrete steps that will be taken to increase openness over the next two years.

Australia’s second Open Government National Action Plan 2018-20 contains eight commitments to enhance access to information, civic participation, public accountability, as well as technology and innovation for openness and accountability. Australia has completed, or is on track to complete, five of these commitments by the end of 2020.

As a key integrity agency dedicated to managing government-held information as a national resource, we work as part of the Open Government Partnership Australia to progress these commitments, including by engaging states and territories to better understand information access. The OAIC is currently participating in the co-creation of Australia’s third National Action Plan.

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