17 December 2021

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OAIC high lights

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In 2021 the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner worked to increase public trust and confidence in the protection of personal information and access to government-held information.

Encourage and support proactive release of government information:

  • Developed FOI capabilities through new resources, guidelines, reports and information sessions
  • Released joint open by design principles for governments

Advance online privacy protections:

  • Took regulatory action to protect Australians online, including an international joint investigation
  • Promoted and advised on Privacy Act review and Online Privacy Code
  • Oversaw new personal information handling practices to support the pandemic response and recovery.

Influence and uphold privacy and information access rights frameworks:

  • Regulated compliance with personal information security obligations through the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme and Consumer Data Right
  • Ensured more than 700 data breaches were notified to individuals, rectified and remedied
  • Finalised Commissioner-initiated investigations on high privacy impact technologies, security and FOI
  • Finalised more than 2,000 privacy complaints from individuals
  • Completed proactive assessments to enhance organisations’ privacy practices, including on CDR and COVIDSafe
  • Commenced proactive assessments of PIA register compliance and My Health Record access security policies
  • Issued national principles for handling personal information in the pandemic
  • Finalised almost 1,100 Information Commissioner reviews, up more than 10%
  • Finalised more than 160 FOI complaints, up more than 10%
  • Helped more than 13,000 people with privacy and FOI enquiries through our public information service
  • Influenced legislative and regulatory frameworks through 15 submissions on privacy and FOI matters
  • Worked with agencies to improve statutory processing timeframes for FOI.

Contemporary approach to regulation:

  • Engaged with Australian and international counterparts to promote regulatory cooperation and information rights
  • Provided international leadership to the data protection community through key roles in the Global Privacy Assembly
  • Raised awareness of regulatory focus through more than 40 events and presentations.

Support delivery of Digital Economy Strategy and Cyber Security Strategy:

  • Supported the accelerated rollout of the Consumer Data Right, through guidance, complaint handling processes and partnerships with CDR agencies
  • Advised government on development of Digital Identity System, Australian Data Strategy and My Health Records
  • Supported government consideration of cyber security regulation.