Investigation reports

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The Australian Information Commissioner may undertake a Commissioner-initiated investigation (CII) into whether the actions of an agency or private sector organisation may be an interference with the privacy of an individual.

The investigation may look at a specific act or practice, at a systemic problem or recurring pattern in an entity’s practices and processes in handling personal information, or at a practice or problem occurring in more than one entity.

These are reports of finalised Commissioner-initiated investigations. Reports of investigations relating to acts or practices prior to 12 March 2014 use the term ‘own motion investigation’.

Commissioner-initiated investigations that have been opened after 12 March 2014 may result in a formal determination under section 52 of the Privacy Act. These determinations are found under Privacy determinations.

These reports are also published on the AustLII website as part of the Australian Information Commissioner Case Notes (AICmrCN) series.