OAIC 2020 highlights infographic

15 December 2020
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infographic of 2020 highlights,

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In 2020 the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner worked to increase public trust and confidence in the protection of personal information and access to government-held information.

  • Assisted the pandemic response by overseeing privacy protections and access to government information, and advising on personal information handling to prevent and manage COVID-19
  • Finalised more than 900 Information Commissioner reviews and 120 FOI complaints
  • Pursued 4 privacy regulatory priorities to ensure Australians’ personal information is protected
  • Implemented Consumer Data Right privacy safeguards in the finance sector
  • Launched our first civil penalty proceedings for an interference with privacy and opened 11 Commissioner-initiated investigations and preliminary inquiries
  • Ensured more than 1,150 notifiable data breaches were notified to individuals, rectified and remedied
  • Increased international regulatory cooperation and jointly investigated with our UK counterpart
  • Finalised almost 2,500 privacy complaints from individuals
  • Promoted understanding of privacy issues through the Australian Community Attitudes to Privacy Survey 2020
  • Helped more than 12,000 people with privacy and FOI enquiries through our public information service
  • Completed 9 proactive privacy assessments to enhance organisations’ privacy practices
  • Influenced legislative and regulatory frameworks through 21 submissions on privacy and FOI matters