The Consumer Data Right (CDR) is co-regulated by the OAIC and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Each agency has defined investigation and enforcement powers.

The OAIC enforces the privacy safeguards and privacy-related CDR Rules and provides advice to the Minister and CDR agencies on the privacy implications of the CDR Rules and data standards. We also undertake strategic enforcement in relation to the protection of privacy and confidentiality.

The OAIC investigates individual and small business consumer complaints regarding how a CDR participant has handled CDR data. Where appropriate, we may refer complaints to relevant external dispute resolution bodies or the ACCC.

The ACCC enforces the CDR Rules and data standards, and carries out strategic enforcement. The ACCC also accredits data recipients, manages suspensions and revocations of accreditation, and maintains a register of accredited persons.

The Data Standards Body is responsible for making common data standards that explain the format and process by which CDR data needs to be provided to consumers and accredited data recipients within the CDR system.